Averatec Reveals A Pair Of Ruggedized Voya Laptops

Panasonic ‘s outed a fresh Toughbook, the CF-C1. The convertible tablet / notebook boasts a resistive touchscreen that may register gloved presses, and includes accidental damage warranties for extra insurance in non-traditional work conditions. Specwise, the Toughbook ‘s received a 2.4GHz Intel Core i5 CPU, a host of hard disk drive options, plus 3G, 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 2.1 connectivity. Other rugged / business features include a spillproof keyboard and protection features for multiple users. The Home windows 7 CF-C1 is currently available in the united kingdom for £1,709 (that’s around $2,700). Full press release is below.

Operational parameters expand. Durable devices are typically rated operational from zero to 122 degrees Fahrenheit and on a regular basis exceed these requirements in production. In wintry climates, non-rugged mobile computing devices would have to be kept indoors or in a running vehicle with heat on until the ambient temperature exceeds 32 degrees. In nice climates, non-rugged systems may fail entirely and be unable to power again on until their temperatures cools to an operational level.

Handheld’s line-up of tough PDAs and mobile pcs is specifically developed for use in a myriad of tough environments where in fact the customer is operating outside a protected office environment, including the geomatics industry, logistics, forestry, public transportation, construction, mining, discipline service, utilities, maintenance, open public safety, military and reliability. A lot more than 90% of Handheld’s revenue come from export. The JLT1214P computer may be the newest generation logistics computer from JLT. With an integrated isolated 18-60 VDC power it is suitable for electrical pickup truck applications and delivers the cheapest total cost of ownership and maximizes users’ productivity for a wide selection of logistics applications.

On top of that, Dell plans to increase its existing tablet portfolio with a 10-inch, House windows 7-based business-ready tablet in the future this year. The upcoming tablet is normally suitable for end-users who need greater mobility, along with IT organizations that demand control, protection, manageability and integration with existing infrastructure investments. Dell’s tablet will empower a far more mobile workforce in ways that offers customers the business applications and corporate info they need, while getting together with regulatory mandates and IT requirements.


Curtiss-Wright Controls Electronic Systems engineers will work on a next-generation, rugged, flight control computer for a UAV application. The company’s G4V Viper next-era control processor incorporates a PowerQUICC III processor design for elevated efficiency in a lower-cost, lower-power solution which can be incorporated into a spare slot in an existing avionics chassis with no need to boost the power supply capacity or more thermal analysis. Want a COTS pc, but also want minor adjustments? Special connectors, ports, and components integrations are easy. Talk with our technical professionals to discover how exactly we can modify AMREL’s COTS computers to meet your needs. Core Systems is driven to provide the Rugged Computing Market with best-in-class, ultra rugged computer solutions. They are beautiful units, and are doing just what we purchased them for with no complaints. Accepts 8 to 30 volts DC with OVP, reverse polarity coverage, and RF noises filtering.

Some situations require computers that make very little noise and in some cases no noise. One example of this need is usually on submarines. Low or no noise these are not features that are believed by manufactures of non-rugged computers. Rugged computers, servers and storage devices use a blend of rubber isolators and custom low noise supporters that operate a slower speeds in lower temperatures to lessen both airborne and framework borne noise. Fanless durable computing systems are another tough computing solution that totally reduces noise. Fanless computers employ a number of cooling techniques such as, active heat sinks, frigid plates, high temperature pipes and liquid cooling.

The systems can be set up such that each single-board computer operates independently or within a computer cluster. The overall flexibility of the system design permits the same basic equipment platform to end up being deployed in a wide variety of objective control stations on a surveillance aircraft, Renehan adds. Trenton equipment is utilized in airborne and ship-based systems for such applications as airborne surveillance; further, many of its board hardware platforms have been adapted for vehicle-mounted cellular applications by program OEM and integrator consumers.