Designing a Functional Kitchen for a Custom Home

The kitchen is arguably the most important part of your custom home. A kitchen which is not designed well would be very difficult to use by your family. Also, a well designed functional kitchen would help you get buyers later on if you wish to sell the house.

An experienced custom home builder would know how to design and build a functional kitchen in a custom home. If you are building your custom home in Las Vegas, you need to hire a firm like Merlin custom home builders who are tied up with experienced and talented home designers who are known to design to great looking functional kitchens in custom homes.

Layout is the most important thing that needs to be addressed first while designing a kitchen. Once the layout is designed, everything else would fall in place. While designing a functionally efficient kitchen, it is better to go with the kitchen triangle layout which relates to the refrigerator, oven and the sink. Also, the distance between each of the triangle areas should be equal. This way it is a lot easier for the homemaker to work in the kitchen.