How to Prevent Cats from Spraying

Many cat owners get stressed when they have to deal with the problem of how to prevent cats from spraying. But, the main thing which don’t realize is that stress is the biggest factor which increases the spraying among pet cats. No cat likes to be stressed. It is true in case of both wild cats and pet cats. In case of wild cats, nobody has to bother about their spraying habits. But, in case of pet cats, it cannot be ignored. The spraying habit of pet cats would concern the residents of the house, particularly the owner of the cats who has a special place for the cats in his heart and mind.

Whenever I see a stressed out cat owner trying to prevent his cats from spraying in my neighborhood, I would calmly go to him and give him some valuable advice. I would tell him how being stressed is contagious and the stress would be transferred to the cats. Once the cats start to feel the stress, the preventing the cats from spraying would become even more difficult. So, i would ask him to be calm around his cats. Cats respond better around familiar faces and objects. So, I would suggest him to train his cats in surroundings which are familiar to them. Cats are comfort creatures. They yearn for love. Any cat owner who is not showing adequate love and affection towards his cats is surely going to fail in his endeavor to prevent cats from spraying.

Cats don’t like to live in a dirty home. Whenever they find that the home they reside is dirty, they get stressed out and start spraying a lot more than usual. Hence, it is extremely important to keep the house clean. If it is not possible to clean the whole house daily, one has to at least clean the areas frequented by the cats on a daily basis. There are special enzymatic cleaners available in pet stores which are made specifically with the goal to prevent cats from spraying. Many pet owners say that those enzymatic cleaners are very good.

Nowadays, pet repellents are also available which are known to keep cats at bay. They are known to be quite effective on how to prevent cats from spraying. One of the most popular pet repellents is the Feliway spray. It can be ordered online at discount prices. Once the order is placed, the spray would be home delivered.